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Getting Start

We are dedicated to providing you and your family with compassionate and confidential treatment. Whether you are coming to improve your emotional and mental health, or to work out your relationship concerns, or to expand your academic potential, or perhaps you are coming for more than one reason, your concerns would best be understood in light of your history and development.


We recommend you to do the following:


 1. Complete the Personal History Questionnaire.


As our physical development and current and past relationships can affect the way we feel and our ability to reach our life goals, sharing these important aspects by completing our Questionnaire would help you and your therapist to make sense of your struggles..


Why is the Questionnaire focused on early life experiences?


The Questionnaire was developed on the following two premises: 1. We are shaped by our experiences, and these experiences, which we may or may not recall, can still affect us today. 2. Science confirms that our experiences as early as in utero can be registered in our body’s memory.

 2.  Come in for screening assessments.

In order to provide you with a more effective and efficient treatment, we would like to assess the nature of your difficulty. Our screening assessments, administered by one or more trained staff, are helpful for identifying the possible causes of your problematic areas as well as for developing a treatment plan that would serve you the best.  You will be doing a drawing and a listening test, and depending on other factors such as your age, presenting concerns and English proficiency, we may recommend additional assessments to identify the things that can be affecting your life.

How are these assessments useful?

Our goal is to aid you in resolving your problem areas.  What we have found is that some cause(s) of our present stress and difficulties may be revealed through these tests.  While it requires you to draw, your artistic skills are not the focus for the drawing test.  The profile created during your listening test can also tell us more about your stress level and issues that you may be holding on to.  The results of your assessments and completed Questionnaire will bring about a more valuable consultation.

 3. Consult with Dr. Young or one of our Registered Clinical Counsellors


This consultation, usually 1.5 to 2.0 hours, is a time for Dr. Young or one of our counsellors to go over your history and your assessment findings.  From your history, we may be able to point out how your past experiences have been affecting your life circumstances.  The assessments will further help clarify the picture.  This is especially so when people are not too aware of their past experiences.  Our goal is to guide you into understanding how certain events may be preventing you from moving forward in life.  After hearing recommendations from Dr. Young or our counsellor, you will then have an opportunity to decide on a treatment plan together.

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