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Dr. Jack C.K. Young, Ph.D.

Registered Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Jack Young has been a registered clinical psychologist in British Columbia since 1992.  He obtained his doctorate degree from Biola University in 1991.  He has been in private practice in Richmond since 1992.  
Dr. Young works with individuals from the ages of 2 to their 80s.  He has extensive experience working with individuals struggling from anxiety, depression, and learning.  His work focuses on attachment and early traumas which can result in learning, attention, emotional, psychiatric, and relational issues.  He has been passionate about teaching what he has learned to the community through parenting groups, talks to schools, churches, or other public settings.  
Dr. Young is also certified in EDxTM, EMDR, the use of Neurotherapy (LENS), and Sound therapy (DLS, iLS).  He is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.  He has accepted Christ since 1973.  He is married and has two adult daughters.  He enjoys singing, reading, and the outdoors. 

Jack is available on:
Monday - Friday 10am-7pm
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