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Rate & Policy


Psychologist - Dr. Jack C. K. Young           
$200 per 50-min* counselling session; $350 per hour on legal/medical assessment and report  


Registered Clinical Counsellor - Esther Chow

**$150 per 50-min* counselling session

Registered Clinical Counsellor - Joanna Chau, Loretta Ng, Vanessa Liu, Christine King Ching Siu, Deanna Wong

$140 per 50-min* counselling session


Initial Psychological Assessments 
$70 and up 

*All counselling sessions are counted and charged in 15-minute increments.  For instance, if you receive a 80 minutes session with Dr. Young, then the total would be $300.
**This new rate will be effective on Jan 1, 2024 (for new clients only).

Payment Policy

Payment is normally due after each session and receipts are also issued for fully-paid services.  Our clinic accepts payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cash, cheques and e-Transfers.  Sorry, at the moment we do not accept Interac.

If you have an extended health plan, it may fully or partially cover for your Registered Psychologist and Registered Clinical Counsellor fees.  Some plans may require you to pay a deductible.  Please refer to your insurance booklet or call the insurance company for more information.

Change / Cancellation of appointment

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please keep in mind that a fee can be avoided if you provide a minimum of two business days' notice.
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