Loretta Ng

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Contact: loretta@fhlclinics.com

Loretta is a registered clinical counsellor who graduated in Master of Counselling in 2003 at ACTS. Loretta has more than 15 years of counselling experiences.  She has been invited as speaker to groups helping them know and understand different psychological/emotional issues.  

Loretta believes that counselling is a journey for people to heal from the trauma they experienced so that they are able to live freely.  Her role as a therapist is to provide a safe place for people to understand the root of their problems.  Clients are given the space to express their emotions as she walks with them to deal with their hurt and pain.  In this way, she helps them resolve their emotional blockage so that they can experience positive changes that will enable them to have both better intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, and the ability to deal with their future problems.

Loretta enjoys hanging out with friends. She likes reading, music, and movies. She and her husband are blessed with two adorable daughters living in Vancouver. 

Loretta is available on:


Monday 1pm-6pm

Wednesday 1:30pm-6pm

Friday 10am-6pm 


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