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A lot of people may have felt like a boat tossed about in the waves.  They feel like they are living a life lost in the storms.  Others are numb to life itself.  They have developed a protective shield that has helped them weather all kinds of storms.  They feel impenetrable. 


The first type of individuals are often seeking frantically for something or someone to help.  They are actively looking but often to no avail.  They may become disappointed or even disillusioned with the solutions they have found because they realize there does not appear to be any easy way out.  Whereas the latter kind often end up believing that difficulties and struggles are the crosses they have to bear.  They don’t seek help until one day they encounter something very significant like mental/emotional or physical breakdown that rips away their armour and shield.  Both types of individuals come into our clinic.  Some, however, may be secretly resigned to the belief that nothing or no one can really help.


FHL has been a place where a lot of these individuals have found a safe haven to anchor.  They have found a sense of HOPE because of the renewed understanding of the struggles they have been experiencing.  They realize they are not crazy.  They have found people who understand and validate them.  Our team of staff and the treatments we provide have brought refreshment, renewal, and sometimes an overhaul to their lives.  They are finding not only new understanding but gaining new skills to face life and its challenges.  They are making better choices that come from convictions that are no longer driven by deep unknown forces. 


We invite you to browse our pages to see if this is the place for you to sort out your struggles and to find the help that you need.  We believe that each individual deserves to be able to function at the potential they have been given.  Come and allow our team to walk with you on this journey to find or renew your Faith, Hope, and Love.  


Our Mission. Our Vision. Our Philosophy 

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