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Deanna Wong, MC.

Registered Clinical Counsellor


Deanna is a Registered Clinical Counselor who has been working in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver since 2010: vulnerable populations with severe trauma, a plethora diagnoses, addiction, disabilities, seniors, immigrants, and youth from marginalized backgrounds and their families with MCFD.  She has contributed to published journals in advocacy for seniors in the community and continues to serve folks in the DTES--specializing in vulnerable women with infants and seniors when she is not at FHL. 

Deanna is also familiar counseling men and women with backgrounds of abuse, convictions/ past traumas, youth struggling at home or at school within a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. She is especially experienced with depression, anxiety, and social adjustment issues as well as physical pain and other symptoms that arise from emotional struggles. 


Deanna possesses a Master's of Counseling from City University of Seattle and a Double Major in Psychology and English Literature from UBC.  She strives to demonstrate the love of God through those she works with and works with passion and dedication to that end. 

Deanna is available on:

Tuesday 1-6pm

Wednesday 1-5pm

Thursday 1-6pm

Friday 1-6pm

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