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Esther graduated from UBC and obtained her Master of Counselling degree from Trinity Western University & ACTS Seminary. She has been a Registered Clinical Counsellor with BCACC since 2001. She also completed her Master of Art in Theological Studies degree at Regent College in 2016 and got trained in Spiritual Direction with CFDM Pacific Northwest in Seattle in 2018.

Esther is passionate in walking alongside with people from different walks of life. She is a keen learner and eager to develop herself both personally and professionally. Her counselling approach aims at helping clients increase their self-awareness, work through unresolved emotional blockages, promote integration of a wholistic self, enrich interpersonal relationships, and experience the joy of emotional freedom. After 20 years of continuous professional development and counselling practice, Esther is now focusing on working with individual adults struggling with depression, anxiety, and various mental health issues with a trauma-informed perspective. She also works with couples and parents of young children and teens, helping them connect, repair, and enrich family relationships. Esther is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. To know more about Esther and her work, please feel free to visit

Esther is a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and enjoys coffee, music, and reading.  

Esther is available on:

Tuesday 9am-6pm

Thursday 9am-6pm

Esther Chow, MC., MATS
Registered Clinical Counsellor

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